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Mortgage Modification

Sometimes, change is good. A mortgage modification is a permanent change in the terms of your mortgage loan. The mortgage modification team at  Reed Law Firm work with you and your lender to negotiate a new mortgage payment that you can live with. Our real estate attorneys have helped hundreds of people in Lake and Orange County successfully reduce their mortgage payment. 

We can negotiate a modification of your mortgage in several ways including:
    - Negotiate a reduction of your interest rate
    - Negotiate an extension of the loan repayment period
    - Negotiate a deferred principal amount
    - Negotiate a reduction of principal balance (although rare).
    - Use of bankruptcy to strip a second mortgage loan.

There are several steps involved in getting your mortgage modified. Modifying a mortgage takes time, but the results are worth it, and can help you to continue to live in the home you love. Don't go it alone. We can help.
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